Ps3 just “stops working”

Recently, last night, a Dutch news program, Radar, ran a special on the Playstation 3. They said, after a year, their Blu Ray drive just stopped working. Then they went on to say that Sony should increase the warranty because the $600 price tag. Radar claimed to have received over 300 reports from PS3 owners in the Netherlands that claim the same thing.

But they didn’t actually get any hardware specialists to test for validity.  Sony said that out of 250,000 PS3 owners, they only received about 68 calls about problems from Ps3 owners in the Netherlands. They went on to say that hardware defects were well within the industry standards.

This is news to me, last time i heard about a Ps3 freezing was at launch. But at least it’s not as bad as the Xbox 360 defect rate (not trying to anger any Xbox 360 fans, heh. Just saying, I own a xbox 360 myself).

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