Mistwalker to cancel Cry On, due to Economy

Aww, the “economic crisis” is now effecting the development of games.  Mistwalker, the company who made Lost Odyssey, has now canceled one of it’s projects.Recently accounced by AQ Interactive, Cry On, the third of Hironobu Sakaguchi’s planned Xbox 360 titles, has been canceled. Cry On was to be an Action RPG with Nobuo Uematsu and Kimihiko Fujisaka on the development team.

It had potential, to say the least. The Lost Odyssey studio was going to work with Cavia, but the game’s publisher doesn’t consider Cry On a wise investment anymore.

“AQI decided to cancel the project after analyzing the current market environment and forecasts for the future,” said an AQ representative. “We deeply apologize for troubling those who were awaiting its release.”

The game could have been something good I think. But potential is too much of a risky investment in this economic situation I guess. Publishers are looking for sure fire hits, nothing unstable, which I guess Cry On was.

Some art for Cry On
Some art for Cry On

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