Runes of Magic

Here's a screenshot from the Halloween event
Here's a screenshot from the Halloween event

Here’s an mmorpg to keep an eye out for. For those of you living under a rock, MMORPG’s are massively multiplayer online role playing games. That’s basically a way of saying Online RPG game. This game has had a lot of praise recently, and I was actually accepted into the beta and played this a while back. It’s in Open Beta right now. It’s original name is Radiant Arcana, but it’s been brought to the US now, so it’s known as Runes of Magic now.

They say it can “compete” with World of Warcraft, but meh. I don’t think it should be compared to that game. But it definitely is a solid game, for a free game. It has a great amount of features, and the developers are working towards making this a balanced game. My favorite feature is the “Server vs Server” feature, where two servers go head to head in massive pvp. Sounds EPIC, heh. Reminds me of RYL. I also like the dual class system in this, where you have two classes, a main and a secondary, so that allows for some flexibility.  The pvp is also okay, and this game has over 300+ quests to do, so it’s not just killing monsters all day.

All in all, for a free mmorpg (with cash ship), it’s pretty top notch. Any mmorpg fan definitely should check this game out. It’s very worth it.

The website here.

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