Ubisoft upset over low Prince of Persia praise

The game was generally good, yeah, but Ubisoft is upset that Prince of Persia didn’t get more praise than it did. It changed some core elements from the previous games and did some new things.

“For years we’ve all been reading complaints about sequels and companies churning out carbon copies of proven formulas without focusing on innovation or taking risks,” saysBen Mattes. “Fans, developers and critics alike seemed ravenous for new ideas—new IPs; major innovations—advances in this art-tertainment form we all love. We tried to really embrace this challenge on PoP. We set out to keep a few core fundamentals but to re-imagine everything else, discarding some very well entrenched ideas not only about the brand but also about videogames in general”

“What surprises me is how little these high-level risks seem to be noticed and appreciated as attempts to shake up the industry and push things forward. Perhaps I’m an idealist, but I think perhaps I was expecting a few more virtual pats-on-the-back for our attempts to do something new.”

So he’s whining over not getting a large amount of praise and expected to be rewarded over having a few “innovative” ideas. This game, in my opinion, isn’t good enough. Especially for the fact that it’s almost impossible to die. I am having fun with this game, yeah, but to want praise for something minimally changed, that’s a bit too demanding. They could have done a better job, in my opinion.

A screenshot from prince of persia
A screenshot from prince of persia

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