Playstation Home’s Word Censorship Annoyance

Playstation Home InGame Screenshot
Playstation Home InGame Screenshot

There has been recent news about the bugs and annoyances of Playstation’s Home. An article from The “San Francisco Chronicle” took a look at some of the overly sensitive word filtering. Michael Marsh, a straight man and supporter of gay rights, tried to set up a gay/straight alliance club in Home. Little did he know, words like “gay” and “bisexual” were banned and censored in this virtual world, Playstation Home. Marsh says he had already raised this issue during the private beta phase, but that nothing was done.

Supposedly, for a time, the world “Hello” was censored because the world “Hell” was included and it’s a censored word. Pretty funny to me.

“The key message is it’s a beta and it’s evolving on a daily basis,” Says SCEA spokesman, Patrick Seybold. “We’ve said early on that user behavior and feedback will shape where we go with Home.”

Have to respects Sony’s attempt to keep an insult free Virtual World. But I guess you can’t have what you want with out having some users insulted at times. Even with the words censored, users would still find a way to use it anyway. Other complaints are about the cost of items and other “microtransactions” like clothing.

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