YOUR Game of The Year 2008

Grand Theft Auto 4
Grand Theft Auto 4

Meh, there are some people who are disappointed with the Game of The Year of 2008.  I think the Goty 2008 pick was well deserved. Grand Theft Auto 4 has to be my favorite game of 2008 hands down. It has the most replayability that I’ve seen so far, lol. Gears of War 2 was fun, yeah, but the mindless chainsaw fests and camping can get boring after a while. Reeking havoc in the city, in GTA 4, pretty much does not get tiring at all.

What do you think? A lot of people I know have been praising “Little Big Planet” a lot, because it’s a new “refreshing” type of platformer. Honestly, I can’t get into that game. So far, the game I play the most is Grand Theft Auto 4. I’ve been able to hop in, and play offline as long as I feel. I play Gears 2 online, and I end up getting annoyed, heh.  People running through my Shotgun shots as if it was nothing, with their revved up chainsaw “going Rambo”. Coupled with the fact that the Matchmaking sucked and took ages during the first week or so of the games release.

All in all, I think Grand Theft Auto 4 was well deserved, like I said. What do you think?

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