2009 – 2010: Year of The Playstation 3?

Playstation 3
Playstation 3

We all know how much of a slow start the Playstation 3 had. It is a good system, over all, but it had a low amount of good games. A lot of people only got it to play Metal Gear Solid 4 and Little Big Planet. But it seems as if the Playstation 3 is starting to pick up in games. The Xbox 360 has been going strong, with it’s mass amount of hit games and exclusives. But the Playstation 3 is coming out guns blazing, with God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 announced. Those are two obvious GoTy contenders.

Sure, the Xbox 360 is coming out with some good titles too… I think. But from the release list I’ve seen, there’s nothing exciting. They have Final Fantasy 13, yeah, but that’s a multiplat.  Most of the games to come for the Xbox 360 is multiplatform.  But Playstation 3, on the other hand, is getting Final Fantasy 13 Versus (Another Game of The Year Contender), The Agency (An mmorpg), Killzone 2 (Yet ANOTHER GoTY Contender) and more. The graphics alone on most of those games blow most of the games the Xbox 360 has to offer out of the water.

The hype for God of War 3 is also outstanding. There was an interview with someone, recently, who had a chance to play God of War 3. It  was comparable to a movie experience, according to him. The Graphics were amazing, the attention to detail, the animation, the gameplay. Hint at multiplayer. That game will be nothing short of amazing.

I think the Playstation 3 is guarenteed to have the upcoming years owned. The Xbox 360 has it’s work cut out for it. What do you think? Do you think the Playstation 3 will also own the next couple of years? Also, try not to have any bias towards a system, heh. I have an Xbox 360 myself and I am loving it.

4 thoughts on “2009 – 2010: Year of The Playstation 3?

  1. Lets be honest, Microsoft did a good job with the Xbox 360 in terms of software but don’t forget the Red Ring of Dead and other hardware failure. They Launched there next-gen console to early and they knew it. Sony took there time to create something really new, new medium, new processor, new graphic card everything is new (New or based an other technology). Sony delivered a great console with many multimedia features. I use my PS3 for many functions. Linux is one of them, the lack of more internal memory makes Linux kind of a experiment. With the latest kernel released the Linux os can access the graphic memory. So Linux on PS3 runs much faster (I’m still hoping that the Ubuntu team at psubuntu will integrate the new kernel in there ppc os. Back to the topic, I believe when Sony release the slim line version of the PS3 and cut the price the Playstation will sell much more units then it does now. I personally hope Sony will release the slimline version very soon because that way. More gamers can enjoy the upcoming games. I find it more logical that there will be a big price cut for the PS3 because there has been a lot of investment in creating these games. For example ”Killzone 2” took a lot of time and money to create and not only ”Killzone 2”. This only one example that Sony really needs make it, that price cut in order to stay strong in the gaming market.

    Oh, and Sony please put more memory in the slimline version. would be much easier to surf the net with more pages to store. Should be a good idea for home and Linux.

    Gtz Jeff

  2. Yeah, most of my friends won’t get a Playstation 3 mainly because it’s hefty price tag. I agree with pretty much everything you said. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Let’s face it, the Ps3’s hefty price tag is justifiable! Look at what you’re getting as compared to the 360: Blu-Ray, Built in Wireless, option to add huge hard drives, blue tooth capability and all of the software capability that comes pre-loaded, and Linux if you really want. Wireless and Blu-ray capability for a 360 system cost about $250 alone! That’s about the cost of a new 360. So, it may cost more, but you’re getting what you pay for, plus, the PS3 has a much longer lifetime than the 360, this much is known.

  4. I do think that PS3 is releasing better games this year but Microsoft is right there with them. Yeah the PS3 has Killzone 2, God of War 3(wish was multi platform lol), Resistance 2, Uncharted 2, and new Rachet and Clank and Jak and Daxter games all of which are great but I think with a few more good releases Microsoft could steal the show. I mean Xbox 360 owners can be looking forward to Alan Wake, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Reach(2010), Splinter Cell conviction, Forza motorsports 3, Deadrising 2(possibly multiplatform), Left 4 dead 2, and possibly Gears of War 3(hopefully in 2010). See what im saying, Microsoft has a great chance of beating Sony out for 2009-2010. But still in 2008 Xbox 360’s and PS3’s sold almost equal and I believe they will continue to be about equal for many years to come. Oh and I own a 360 but im looking forward to a possible PS3 pricecut so I can get one.

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