Michael Phelps New Game

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps

The Olympic Swimming Gold Medallist, Michael Phelps, is getting his own game. This game will be made by 505 Games (Yeah, I never heard of them either) and they plan for it to be the next Tiger Woods game. Swimming back and forth, how exciting, right? No. But they plan for it to be pure action.

505 Games doesn’t plan on confining the swimming just to a swimming pool. We all know that swimming back and forth in a pool is fun, to swimmers, but to the wide stream audience, we need action!

“Swimming will be a part of it, but it won’t be set in an Olympic pool going back and forth,” said the president of 505 games, Adam Kline “This is a pure action game”

A pure action game with Michael Phelps as the main character…. a swimmer.  How the heck can someone make up a story with Michael Phelps being the main character and the game being “Pure Action”. I smell a failure coming. Excuse my lack of faith in this company, but they aren’t widely known. If anything, I’ll say this game will be a visually pleasing failure, you heard it here first.

“We will spend a very pretty penny in marketing this project because it’s important to us,” Kline said. “We believe it’s the next Tiger Woods project. … It could be here for the next 10 years.”

Man, what a way to cashout on a popular figure.

One thought on “Michael Phelps New Game

  1. Totally agree…

    They are just trying to make money off of the big name. The game going to be totally lame 🙂

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