Crystal Defenders for the iPod Touch and iPhone

Crystal Defenders
Crystal Defenders

Yeah, the other day, I posted about the release of Crystal Defenders and Crystal Defenders lite in the iTunes store. Well, I recently got my iPod Touch, and downloaded Crystal Defenders lite. I saw the reviews, and was expecting this game to be boring, to me anyway. I playing it, and I was pretty wrong, heh. I only played the lite version, though, but that was enough to get me wanting to buy the full version. For those of you living under a rock, Crystal Defenders is a 2d rpg defense simulation game for the Ipod Touch and iPhone.

To start off, the graphics aren’t horrible. It’s like a retro styled but colorful presentation. It’s nothing to complain about, it’s the same style Square Enix has been using for a majority of it’s games, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. The music is amazing, as always. Square Enix never manages to fail, when it comes to music. It’s orchestral like always, and it’s great. Now, to the gameplay, when you start off, you pick a character and place it to a point on the map. Each character costs a certain amount of money, and you start off with a certain amount of money. It’s pretty much rinse and repeat, but the strategy comes in with the type of monsters spawning. Some monsters can only be attacked by ranged attacks (aerial attacks), and some monsters are resistant to some type of attacks (physical or magical). So you have to level up and build your character based on that.

The monsters come in waves, each wave consisting of up to 20 monsters. If you’re an RPG and Square Enix fan, I definitely recommmend you getting this. Or, if you’re just looking for a game to play, try and get the Crystal Defenders lite version, since it’s free and you can see if you want it or not. I strongly recommend this!

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