Uncharted 2 to use 100% of the Playstation 3’s Power


Yes, by the sounds of it, this game is going to be nothing short of a graphical powerhouse. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was an amazing game on it’s own, it had good graphics for the time. That game only used 30% of the Playstation 3’s power, yes, less then half. Even so, that game had great textures, animations and the graphics were pretty stunning. Even Killzone 2, praised for it’s graphics, is only using 60% of the Playstation 3’s power. Just barely over half of it’s power. Killzone 2, is with out a doubt, going to be one of the best looking Playstation 3 games there is.

Naughty Dog has said it is going to be using 100% of the Playstation 3’s power, all it has to offer. The first Uncharted was pretty good, but they are apparently trying to raise the bar and go over and above that game. “Uncharted used 30 per cent of the PS3’s SPUs, and this time we’re maxing it out” Balestra said. When this game comes out, we’ll finally see what the PS3 has to offer in terms of graphics. Maybe ending this graphics argument between the Xbox 360 and Ps3 once and for all. Uncharted 2 will be released later this year.

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