Microsoft’s Kodu, to compete with LBP?


Last year, a game called “Boku” was brought up. Boku is kind of Microsoft’s way of hopping on the Little Big Planet bandwagon and bringing a way for users to make User Generated Content. Boku, has now been renamed to Kodu, and has been shown in CES keynotes.

While Kodu was thought to be just a rip off, or poor attempt, at hopping on LBP’s bandwagon, it actually looks nothing like LBP. They’re two completely different games and gameplay style. This game focus’s more on providing a way to easily create games and maps. It’s more colorful and what some may consider “childish”. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. Kodu apparently looks as if it’s supposed to appeal to a wider audience, an audience of all kinds.

Kodu will come with 200 “ingame building blocks” with it, so this game should show more variety towards the type of game or content you want to make. Microsoft boasts how the image friendly interface allows for anyone from age 7 – 70 to create their own open world in just minutes. This game seems to have a lot of potential, since it’s shooting for a different market then LBP is. I personally think Kodu is going to be the “new” popular thing. It seems like it’s really bringing something worth while to the table. I sure have my eye on it, as well as many others. Hopefully, the dev’s don’t screw this up, heh.

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