Nintendo Patents “Hint” system

Nintendo's "Hint" Box
Nintendo's "Hint" Box

Any one who is a fan of RPG’s can understand that some of the game is fun, but a lot of the game is grinding or may be boring. Or maybe there’s a puzzle or a boss that has you stumped. Nintendo, being as innovative as they are, has patented a new idea called the Hint System.

This patented idea is a way of helping players through a hard or boring part of the game. This patent is an attempt at keeping  a game interested, while not babying it down enough to turn off the Hardcore gamers. This patent adds a Scan Forward sort of feature to the game, where you can fast forward through a part of a game. So if you’re fighting a boss and you are stumped, you can use this feature to hop out of action and watch the boss be defeated on it’s own. When played this way, you can’t save the game, though. This also gives the ability to get hint videos and skip to certain parts of the game.

How the gameplay will be shown to players hasn’t been described as of yet. But the gameplay will most likely be made by the developers of the game. This new style allows for three options of play: Game, Digest and Scene. The gaming option will allow you to play the game as normal, with the option of getting hints that would appear in the upper right corner of the screen. The Digest option would be a video of the game developers playing the game, with the option of letting you get back in the game whenever you want. The Scene option allows you to hop to a specific scene, or part, of the game to play.

If done correctly, this can be really big. Nintendo never fails to amaze me, heh.

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