How to get Free Xbox Live

Hey guys, I’ve recently found a new way to get Free Xbox Live. You don’t need to download anything or give away any of your Xbox Live account information. It’s a simple way of getting free gift card codes emailed directly to you. If you don’t like to pay for your Xbox Live gold membership, or you want some paid DLC without having to pay for it yourself, this method can definitely help you out.

Free PlayStation 4 Console
Get free things on LitheRewards

Getting free Xbox Live gold membership is not hard at all. There are literally thousands of gamers out there that pay nothing for their Xbox Live gold membership every year. Once you take action, you can start earning your membership codes and even Xbox Gift Card codes!

To get started, you need to join a rewards website. Chances are that you have heard of these websites that will pay you to do surveys. Not many people believe those websites, or think that they are a waste of time. However, these websites payout thousands to millions every year to their members that complete surveys. Users have earned over $10,000 in points on LitheRewards, the rewards website, and growing. This is a legal, easy way to earn free gift cards and cash online without much work. Don’t ask yourself how to get free Xbox Live gold codes anymore, ask yourself whether or not you can do a couple of easy surveys to get the codes you need.

Make sure that you signup with a real email address. Your gift card codes are emailed to the email address that you registered with, so you don’t want them going to the wrong address.

LitheRewards Daily Surveys

If you live in the USA, Australia, or Canada; I recommend heading to the Daily Surveys page. Daily Surveys are surveys that can be done once a day. If you don’t want to spend any time doing surveys, you can just login once a day and complete any daily surveys that are available.

Daily surveys aren’t available in every country, sadly, so not everyone can take advantage of that opportunity for earning easy points. However, there are plenty of earning opportunities for people from every area of the world.

For international users (and people from USA, Australia, and Canada), the best way to earn points will be to complete LitheRewards Offerwallsofferwall tasks. Offerwalls are collections of surveys and tasks to complete by LitheRewards partners. They have offers that can be completed by people all over the world. Even if you have daily surveys available in your country, Offerwall tasks are a great way of earning extra points.

You need to earn 2,500 points to get a free 3 Month Xbox Live Gold membership code. If you work at it, you can earn that many points within a week. If you want some proof that this website is legit, you can just request a free $5 Amazon gift card code for 500 points. You will be emailed the code within a couple of days of requesting it.

I have tried this method myself and I have literally earned thousands of dollars (a little over $5,000 to be a little more specific). I don’t need to spend any of my own money on Xbox Live gold membership or Xbox gift cards because these rewards websites send me a 3 month code every month or two. I managed to get my PS3 with the money and gift cards I earned on this rewards website.

Joining LitheRewards is free! You have nothing to lose by trying it out. If you have any trouble getting your code, either send an email to LitheRewards staff or leave a comment here and I’ll try to help you out. Enjoy your free codes!

71 thoughts on “How to get Free Xbox Live

  1. Yeah, I’ll post a pic of a free one month xbox live code I get in an email one of these days.

  2. Wow this works o_o. Thanks for the guide! Got my code in the email gonna see if I can get another one xD


  4. @The Cookie Montser
    No, this isn’t illegal. The website gets their Xbox Live and Microsft Points codes from a vendor, so the points are paid for, you are just getting it for free. Many people have already done this, it’s a pretty popular way of getting Free Xbox Live codes.

    If you use the code on the new account, yeah? But you can’t transfer microsoft points.

  5. @Baby Titz

    Not at all. You’re not entering any account information or anything at all. All you have to do is a couple of surveys and you’ll be able to get your free xbox live code.

  6. can one of you guys do it for me, i live in belgium and i don’t get any surveys, if someone lives in the uk can you send me the code thx

  7. I NEED POINTS MY GAMERTAG IS PhantomPhreak97 AND SEND ME LOTS ATLEAST 2800 points be cause i need all the map packs for gears and i need both map pack 2 and 3 for call of duty im just sick and tired of missing out on all the fun on the new map packs and im am fuckin sick and tired of getting kicked because i don’t got the map packs so please send me some points


  9. It doesn’t let me sign up, it says: We currently do not accept registration from your country.

    Does anybody have a suggestion? I really want to try this, but I can’t! Can anybody make an account for me!?

  10. @Favonianexegesis

    please give me an e-mail at!!!!! i am from thailand and it doesn’t accept surveys from my country! please help me e-mail me because i don’t visit this site 😉

  11. I’m not begging because i think its wrong, i’m asking from 1 being 2 another. Could you find the goodness in your heart to send me any working codes? Preferably membership ones because I’ve ran out :O Email me when you’ve found the in your heart at

    Lol the guilt trick works a treat… hopefully 🙂

  12. will u lease give me 2100 microsoft points my gamer tag is v dobson v
    please send me some and i will never aask u agaian

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