Uncharted 2 Smart A.I

Uncharted 2
Uncharted 2

The original Uncharted had some questionable A.I. Nothing extremely special to brag about, but it wasn’t exactly horrible. One area that Naughty Dog is working hard on is enemy A.I and how they will react to Nathan’s presence.

They now have peripheral vision. If they spot you in the corner of their eye, they won’t immediately spring into attack. They’ll show a confused reaction, then look around, and maybe investigate the area they think they spotted you at. Since they are not exactly sure of what they saw, they’re just going to go investigate. This is an awesome addition, I think. I love games with smart A.I, makes the game that much more enjoyable. THis game is definitely shaping up to be the Game of The Year. Extremely good graphics, extremely good A.I, extremely good animations. Everything is good.

If they spot you, then lose track of you, they’ll go to the last place they found you at and search from there. They’ll climb up ladders,  and follow you through wherever you jump.  Can’t wait for this sequel to come out.

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