Details on the new Resistance 2 Patch

Resistance 2
Resistance 2

Brian Intihar, the community manager of Insomniac, has recently made a detailed post on the official Playstation Blog detailing the changes to come with the Patch 1.40 to come to Resistance 2 on January 26th.

The highlight of this is, any player that has had their level reset back to 1, now brings back all of the xp, stats and attributes that you’ve lost, with the addition of everything that you’ve earned since the reset. That’s a relief, heh. Good to know that they fixed such a problem.

Also, with this patch, there has been changes to some medals and trophies. Like the “Killing Machine” trophy, if you have over 10,000 kills, but you have not gotten this trophy yet, you’ll immediately get it when this patch is downloaded.  Along with this, they are also balancing out some of the characters, such as the medic, and prevented parties from joining free for all matches.

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