Fallout 3 Patch not on the Playstation 3?

Fallout 3
Fallout 3

It turns out that Bethesda has no current plans of releasing their patch to the Playstation 3, for Fallout 3.  Many would apparently call this “selling out”, since it’s going to be released on the Xbox 360 and PC, but not the Playstation 3. It’s pretty unfortunate.  Todd Howard, the executive produce of fallout 3, said that they have no plans of bringing it the Playstation 3 at all. The best thing about this patch was the availability of the Free Roam feature, since most players wanted to be able to roam the wastelands after the Final mission.

It was all good knowing that the new patch would fix it, but now we find out that the Playstation 3 players won’t get it. This was a highly demanded feature, and they delivered, but didn’t deliver to their whole fan base. It almost sounds as if they’re turning their back on their sony fan base, which isn’t a smart thing. You guys should stand up, but you multi consle owners will have nothing to worry  about, hah. Lets hope everything goes well.

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