Playstation 3 Firmware update crashing systems?

Playstation 3
Playstation 3

With Sony’s recent 2.60 Playstation 3 firmware update, the photo feature was added and some minor updates, but Users have been reporting that they are experiencing many problems with their system after the update.

One of the issues that are being talked about is the Playstation 3’s inability to recognize discs. This has something to do with the firmware update burning the lens. Also, system settings have been reset, and systems have been crashed due to the photo feature. This doesn’t mean downloading the update will automatically make this happen to you, as this has not happened to everyone, but it has happened to a sizable amount of people. You’d be better off waiting. Sony says that this is just a glitch, and not a hardware malfunction unlike the Red Rings of Death on the Xbox 360.

They say the fix will be made by a firmware update later on. The date of the release of this firmware update is not known, though.

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