Massages from your Xbox 360 controller….

The Massage Meter
The Massage Meter

Tiring day from work, or maybe you’re just feeling worn out. A new game has just been made by the XNA soon to be able to download, called “Rumble Massage”.  Which promises to turn your controller into your own little portable massager.  Certainly an innovative product being made on the console,  I’ve never heard of anything being done like this before, heh.

Rumble Massage is available for download now, and the Demo and Full versions are available for download. The full version being 200 microsoft points.

Official Description:

Shoulders and back getting stiff from 18 hours of straight Gaming? Try Rumble Massage! Put a controller behind your neck and feel the soothing vibrations of the Xbox 360 controller. With the ability to control the rumble intensity and pulse, relaxing after a hard day of gaming has never been easier.

I don’t want to think about the perverted possibilities to come from this game, but what ever, lol. You guys can keep that type of information to yourselves, hah.

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