Perks to come with Capcom Debit Cards


Capcom Debit Cards
Capcom Debit Cards

Capcom has just signed a deal to place their characters and game titles onto Debit Cards. Judging from the picture to the left, the cards seem to be pretty stylish I think. If my bank offered cards like those, I’d definitely pick one up.  The first of it’s kind will be on the Visa Debit Card in North America. 

Benefits also come for getting these prepaid cards. Getting one of these prepaid cards, you can earn points on, get cash back on online and retail purchases and get “accelerated rewards” from the Capcom rewards mall. For every dollar placed on the card, they earn five Capcom Unity points, which can be used for a variety of things. Unity card owners will also be able to skip lines at Capcom events,  gain access to Beta tests and other special things, such as “being written into a Capcom game or comic book or possibly even being an extra in a Capcom movie.”

This is an exciting idea to say the least.

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