Killzone 2 “playable” TV Ad made to impress


Killzone 2
Killzone 2

With Killzone 2’s release date right around the corner, they’re making sure their marketing will do an effective job attracting the masses.  There is an amazing commercial being made by them to show off Killzone 2’s technology, making the commercial completely ingame and no extra goodies added (such as prerendering or altered music).


Sony had this to say:

The idea for the commercial centered on telling the story of war on Helghan – up close and very personal and to use the game’s engine to show it. No voodoo, no heavy metal soundtrack: just the true representation of the in-game graphics. The team at Guerrilla embraced the concept and we were on a production rollercoaster ride that produced a piece that will be broadcasted across several networks starting tomorrow.


“Every single frame of this commercial was directly rendered on a PS3 without the need for additional tweaking or touching up. We’re very proud that our game engine technology has reached the point where we don’t have to resort to software pre-rendering,” said the Managing Director, Hermen Hulst. “In that regard it is a testament to our commitment to deliver on what we promise. What you see is what you get.”

In march, you’ll be able to download a playable version of the ingame ad to be shown on T.V. You’ll have complete control of the camera and you’ll be able to hear director commentary. Now this, sounds extremely cool. This game is going to obviously be a game of the year contendor, I don’t think any fanboy can doubt this?

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