Xbox 360 Not to get the Titan Pack for Unreal Tournament III



Well, Epic Games has recently announced the “Titan pack” which is an update that’ll be released on the PS3 and the PC.  But, it’s not being released on the Xbox 360, and Epic has sent an email out, explaining why:


The file size limitations prevent us from releasing it, not to mention we have things like split-screen support (Xbox 360 already has this), maps that are already in the 360 version, the integrated mod browser (The xbox 360 doesn’t support this)… the list goes on. Obviously, we are big supporters of Xbox 360 but there are significant hurdles keeping us from shipping the Titan Pack for Microsoft’s platform.

So here it is. For all of you who started crying fanboyism/favoritism, think again, Hah. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone would pull the “favoritism” thing, knowing Epic has the Gears of War franchise on the Xbox 360. Anyway, the preset patch size wasn’t large enough, so the patch couldn’t be supported on the Xbox 360.

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