God of War III Scans


God of War III
God of War III

 Some fresh new God of War III scans have been recently published to the internet, and they are looking good. I like how it boasted about it’s use of 100% of the Playstation 3’s power. Saying: “1080p HD + No Loading + Perfect Frame Rate = God of War 3”. The new pics look amazing, the graphics are extremely top notch. Sure the blood may look “meh” and so might the glowing. But the poly count, lighting and animations are amazing. 

So far, from the scans, we can tell that there will be no pegasus, no co-op, no multiplayer and no six-axis use. They said that they weren’t interested in the Six-Axis and I don’t blame them, hah. It’s not something really interesting, I think. Also, it may also be worth noting to know that Naughty Dog and Insomniac are helping Santa Monica. Such a beastly team up, if I may say, heh. Also, the scans said that the puzzles have been made easier/shorter so the action could be focused on more. More fighting/less puzzles? Some may like that transition, some may complain that this game will become a button masher though. I personally like what they’re doing with the game. With this game seeing a 2009 release, it will seriously not fall short of anything but amazing. You’re looking at Game of The Year right now, whether it has multiplayer or not…

Check out the scans here. 

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