Nintendo reveals new Punch-Out Details

Punch-Out Wii
Punch-Out Wii

The classic Punch-Out has made a return on the Wii and is returning better then ever.  Nintendo has released some information too!

According to the information release, this game will be “1-2 players” and features some superb duck and weave action. With enchanced features for the Wii and the return of some original characters, with a roster of 13 playable characters.

They also released information on a mode that was described as this: “Punch-Out!! includes a multiplayer mode that lets you and a friend slug it out to the bitter end. As in the single player mode, you’ll want to land punches at the right moment to build up Star Punch points that translate into almighty haymakers! Landing and dodging blows in Head-to-Head mode also builds up a Giga Mac gauge. Once full, your fighter is ready to inflict some serious damage.”

With characters like Glass Joe, Don Flamenco and King Hippo, you’ll be fighting your way to the top as Little Mac with your tough trainer Doc Louis. Can’t wait for this game, is sounds like it’s shaping up to be something special!

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