Punch-Out!! Preview

Punch Out!!
Punch Out!!

Kotaku has a preview of Punch-Out!! which the personally played. I know they said it’s a remake, but I was expecting a bit more I think. From what I see, it’s not tailored for the hard-core gamers, and it’s just going to be one of those games you play for a couple of minutes for some fun. It’s starting to look more like a minigame more than anything in depth. I’d never waste more then $20 on this game.

I laugh at how they said Punch-Out!! is going to feature a “superb” dodge and weave system. I guess the “slick” motion controls are a plus, and the option to use the classic controller is cool, but it’s nothing special I think. It was something special in the old days, maybe this game will actually turn out good, time will tell. The game wasn’t going for something extremely indepth and realistic, obviously, but from the looks of it, it’s just a fun minigame. I’ll stick to Fight-Night Round 3, and hold out until Fight Night Round 4 comes out. Also, I’ll be playing that prize fighter game.

Kotaku Previews Punch out!!

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