Fable 2 Heroes in many forms?

The Fable 2 Development blog recently has a blog showing off how customizable the main character really is. Showing a colloge of pictures, of different and unique characters of all colors, moralities and dresses.

Fable 2 Hero Gathering #2
Fable 2 Hero Gathering #2

There is more then 70 images put together into one long one as a tribute to the customization of their main character. They have everything from the downright evil, to the fugly man-women.  It really shows how creative players get with their character, as pretty much every character shown is unique in it’s own way. This is called the Hero Gathering, which this is the first time I’ve heard of it. But it’s, apparently, been done before.

I think  there’ll be more of the Hero Gatherings to come also!

Big Hero Gathering #2

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