Bionic Commando Demo coming soon

Bionic Commando Wallpaper
Bionic Commando Wallpaper

Capcom announced today that, on the Xbox 360, the Bionic Commando demo will be coming to Xbox Live later this month. However, there are no news on the Playstation 3 Bionic Commando demo as of yet, or if there will be one. The Bionic Commando demo will feature Vertigo, one of the 16 maps to be available, and it will have an eight player deathmatch.

This deathmatch sounds like it’ll be tons of fun. Not your average run and gun game, but you’ll be swinging around avoiding bullets and pursuing your enemy. Grabbing them, grabbing ledges and what not. Falling off of high buildings to their death. What’s not to like about this game? It may not be a game of the year contender, but it definitely sounds like some quick fun to be had. This game is going to be released on May 19th, for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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