Final Fantasy XIII Demo

Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII

The Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete bundle came out in Japan yesterday, along with a Final Fantasy XIII demo included with it. Pocket News, a Japanese Game News Site, broken down the file sizes for many of the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children files and the Final Fantasy XIII files.

They claim that the Final Fantasy XIII demo takes up about 5.09 gb of space with 256 mb of firmware update data. This demo is also said to be an hour long. There are many streams of the demo being played if you’re interested in it, and there are many gameplay videos on YouTube right now, as you read this. The demo is definitely something you should watch, it looks amazing I think. I watched a walkthrough of the whole demo, and I was left jealous. I need to get a Playstation 3 sometime soon, before FFXII and God of War 3 comes out.

But honestly, that file size actually has me worried. I’m dying to know how many discs the Xbox 360 version will be…. I’m also wondering how much content they’ll cut out to make it fit as well.

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