Blackberry Pip-Boy Theme

Pip-Berry 3000
Pip-Boy 3000

Any Fallout 3 fans on the Blackberry can now show off their obsession with Fallout! There is a Pip-Boy theme for the Blackberry now, titled Pip-Boy 3000. Unlike the previously modded iPod Touch theme that was made, that was just for show, this modded theme actually functions.

The look of it is pretty well made, I think. It looks pretty awesome.  This mod can be picked up at Crackberry. It comes in the colors green and blue. The creator of this mod is accepting donations.

I am looking into getting a phone too, I might look into Blackberry’s. They seem to be pretty customizable or something. Are you gonna get this Pip-Boy 3000 Blackberry theme?

PipBoy 3000 v1.5b+g : 83xx Curve [Crackberry]

3 thoughts on “Blackberry Pip-Boy Theme

  1. Does anybody have the link where I can download it without having to look for it. Because I keep getting links 😦

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