LEGO: Rock Band announced by Harmonix

Lego: Rock Band
Lego: Rock Band

So it turns out that this game, LEGO: Rock Band, is actually real. It was announced earlier in a press release, and hinted at earlier by Dan Teasdale.

This is obviously a game that will be for all audiences, but most likely focused on kids. The game is built around the theme “Build a band and rock the universe”. This is going to be a Multiplatform title, being released for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and is going to hit the stores in Holiday 2009. It will be compatible with the Rock Band, and “other music game” controllers.

People are complaining, saying that they could have released the Lego characters as DLC for the already existing Rock Band game. This is true, but that wouldn’t make as much money as making a completely new game, heh. Also, this allows them to target the kid and teen audience better, with music tailored to their tastes. That pic is looking good actually, I don’t think this will be so bad.

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