Dead Rising 2’s Main Character “Chuck”

Dead Rising 2 - Chuck
Dead Rising 2 - Chuck

The main character’s name in the previous game, Dead Rising, was named Frank West. That’s a pretty awesome, simple, stern name I think. But what’s the name of the badass biker to be the main character in Dead Rising 2?

His name will be Chuck Greene.  Darn. If someone gave him a beard, I’m sure the fans would have taken the task of renaming him Chuck Norris. Just like the prequel, Dead Rising 2 is built around a 72 hour time formula. Capcom has teamed up with Blue Castle Games, a Vancouver based third party developer, this time around. Capcom said, at GDC, that there will be over 6,000 characters. The lead character artist says that this game will have the highest amount of characters rendered on screen ever seen in a video game. That sounds good to me, as long as they manage to achieve this feat without making the game unbearably laggy.

Makes me wonder what features they’ll place in the game to make up for the missing camera action now. Since I don’t think this guy is a photographer, correct me if I’m wrong. Dead Rising 2 sounds like it’ll definitely be a game to pick up for any action lover.

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