Dead Rising 2’s Main Character “Chuck”

Dead Rising 2 - Chuck
Dead Rising 2 - Chuck

The main character’s name in the previous game, Dead Rising, was named Frank West. That’s a pretty awesome, simple, stern name I think. But what’s the name of the badass biker to be the main character in Dead Rising 2?

His name will be Chuck Greene.  Darn. If someone gave him a beard, I’m sure the fans would have taken the task of renaming him Chuck Norris. Just like the prequel, Dead Rising 2 is built around a 72 hour time formula. Capcom has teamed up with Blue Castle Games, a Vancouver based third party developer, this time around. Capcom said, at GDC, that there will be over 6,000 characters. The lead character artist says that this game will have the highest amount of characters rendered on screen ever seen in a video game. That sounds good to me, as long as they manage to achieve this feat without making the game unbearably laggy.

Makes me wonder what features they’ll place in the game to make up for the missing camera action now. Since I don’t think this guy is a photographer, correct me if I’m wrong. Dead Rising 2 sounds like it’ll definitely be a game to pick up for any action lover.

LEGO: Rock Band announced by Harmonix

Lego: Rock Band
Lego: Rock Band

So it turns out that this game, LEGO: Rock Band, is actually real. It was announced earlier in a press release, and hinted at earlier by Dan Teasdale.

This is obviously a game that will be for all audiences, but most likely focused on kids. The game is built around the theme “Build a band and rock the universe”. This is going to be a Multiplatform title, being released for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and is going to hit the stores in Holiday 2009. It will be compatible with the Rock Band, and “other music game” controllers.

People are complaining, saying that they could have released the Lego characters as DLC for the already existing Rock Band game. This is true, but that wouldn’t make as much money as making a completely new game, heh. Also, this allows them to target the kid and teen audience better, with music tailored to their tastes. That pic is looking good actually, I don’t think this will be so bad.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Upcoming Demo

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is being released in the United States this upcoming June. Capcom is releasing a demo to give any potential gamers a taste at what’s to come.

The Monster Hunter Freedom Unite demo will be arriving in the Playstation Store in the beginning of June. The demo has a co-op option, you can do missions with an A.I partner or do it with a friend. The characters in the demo will be high levels already, and will be skilled with each of the major weapons. So players can instantly jump into the fight with monsters with no hesitation. Seems like Capcom is trying hard to recruit new players to the Monster Hunter franchise. I’ve played one of the games,

Blackberry Pip-Boy Theme

Pip-Berry 3000
Pip-Boy 3000

Any Fallout 3 fans on the Blackberry can now show off their obsession with Fallout! There is a Pip-Boy theme for the Blackberry now, titled Pip-Boy 3000. Unlike the previously modded iPod Touch theme that was made, that was just for show, this modded theme actually functions.

The look of it is pretty well made, I think. It looks pretty awesome.  This mod can be picked up at Crackberry. It comes in the colors green and blue. The creator of this mod is accepting donations.

I am looking into getting a phone too, I might look into Blackberry’s. They seem to be pretty customizable or something. Are you gonna get this Pip-Boy 3000 Blackberry theme?

PipBoy 3000 v1.5b+g : 83xx Curve [Crackberry]

Fallout TV Series?

Fallout 3
Fallout 3

In this past February, Bethesda Softworks requested a trademark on the word Fallout for “entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program.” This could sort of hint towards them being interested in starting a TV series, or maybe they were just “covering all their bases”. To make sure that no one else will make a spin off of their Fallout series. Regardless, I think a Fallout T.V series would actually work, to be honest.

Fallout’s crazy humor, intense gore and impressive story telling would appeal to many. Bethesda is expected to comment on the matter soon. It is also said there might be a Fallout Movie. I’d probably prefer a movie over a T.V series. A movie might have some parts cut out, but it is overall higher in quality then a long running T.V series.

But again, the chance of those two things happening are quite slim. I don’t think there’s a need for a Movie or T.V series anyway. If they went for it, a lot of people would think they’re just trying to cashout on the Fallout series. The game itself is enough of a roleplaying experience anyway. I”m good with  just the game. I think their focus shold be on the next Fallout game. The easiest type of game, to bring to the movie format, would be a RPG such as Fallout 3 I think. Since RPG’s tend to have the complicated and well thought out stories that a movie would require. Not to say that action games like Call of Duty or Gears of War 2 wouldn’t be able to achieve it. A Gears movie might be coming out actually. Movie to Video Game adaptions usually suck, I wonder how a video game to movie adaption would go?  Would you watch a Fallout T.V series if it came out?