Microsoft Xbox 360 Full Body Motion Controller

Xbox 360 Motion Capture
Xbox 360 Motion Capture

It’s no secret that Microsoft has been interested in Motion Sensing and has been researching and looking into the possible feature. At this years E3, Microsoft plans on changing the way people think about home entertainment with their full body motion controller that is going to be displayed.

Engadget has gotten information from a tipster that claims to have knowledge of Microsofts plans. Supposedly, Microsoft, is working on a Wii-like motion sensor bar that can detect full body motion without the need for a controller.  Supposedly, this can detect a wide range of motions, like “Running, Jumping, Punching, Dodging and even small actions such as pinching”.

The source also hinted at this technology being used for the upcoming game “1 vs. 100 game show”, saying you can use this motion technology for the button pressing to buzz in. This would also introduce video conferencing and unique player detection. So, apparently, Microsoft is jumping on the bandwagon along with the Nintendo Wii’s motion controls and the Playstation 3’s eye toy. Not necessarily a bad thing though, maybe Microsoft will be able to out-due the competition.

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