Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story new information

Mass Effect Iphone
Mass Effect Iphone

Mass Effect is making it’s way to the iPhone, that’s official. Many are saying it’s going to be a disappointment to hardcore and casual gamers alike, as Metal Gear Solid Touch was. But I think this one has some potential. It’s titled, Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story.

Chris Priestly, the Bioware Community Coordinator, has revealed some big facts on the upcoming animated presentation that is Mass Effect: Jacobs story. Which is said to have “gripping top-down shooting action”. The goal is to make the player not feel as if they are forced to do all the reading in this game. The story of this game does not connect Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2, however, it is more of a side story of one of the upcoming characters.

He wants it to be considered a “fun, optional, experience”. Also, Chris Priestly notes that development on the Mass Effect iPhone does not delay the release of DLC for the PC or Xbox 360 release. Since a completely different team will be dedicated to work on the Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story. This game was made completely for the iPhone from the ground up, and considers it an example of how Mass Effect is “branching” out. Many developers are starting to find interest in the iPhone as a gaming console, though that is nothing new. Hopefully, Apple will make a video game console and enter the console war. I think they’d do well.

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