Metal Gear Solid Lite Out

MGS Touch Lite
MGS Touch Lite

Are you a Metal Gear Solid fan with an iPod Touch or iPhone? If you are, chances are you may have heard of the Metal Gear Solid Touch game released for the iPhone. If you don’t feel like shedding any money for the game, don’t worry, the demo has been released recently.

Metal Gear Solid Touch Lite takes a couple of levels from the full, retail, version of the game. This is an 84.8 MB trial and this will definitely give you the taste of how the real version will actually play.

But personally, having read the reviews, I wouldn’t recommend the game. It’s just a basic shooter that doesn’t bring any thing close to a Metal Gear Solid experience. No stealth, no skill needed. Just move the cursor and tap on the enemy constantly until he dies. Same with bosses. No skill involved, heh. It’s not something I’d recommend buying at all, it’s more of a minigame that should be free, then a full game that you should pay for. But, if you have a jail broken iPod, by all means, get the game. It’d be a good time waster to say the least.

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