New Gears of War 2 Content to come


Gears 2 Dark Fronts
Gears 2 Dark Fronts

 Coming in July, Epic Games will be releasing their Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection for retail, giving insight on the talked about “Dark Corners” DLC.

Not to long ago, there were rumors about a collection of downloadable content called “Dark Corners”. However, this is not wrong, Dark Corners is DLC, yeah, but it is the map pack that is being sold along with the Gears 2: All Fronts Collection. This map pack holds seven new multiplayer titles, and will go for 1600 Microsoft Points.

This isn’t all the Gears of War: All Fronts Collection holds. It also comes with all of the Gears 2 DLC released to date, a Collectible poster, a strategy guide, a custom Xbox Live theme and a Single Player Chapter called “Road To Ruin”.  The seven maps are titled Allfathers Garden, Memorial, Sanctuary, War Machine, Highway, Way Station and Nowhere.This collection may run for up to $40 altogether. This is good for those who still haven’t hopped onto the Gears of War 2 bandwagon and haven’t purchased the map packs yet.

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