No Plans For English Final Fantasy XIII Demo

Final Fantasy XIII Demo
Final Fantasy XIII Demo

For those of you wishing for an English release of the Final Fantasy XIII demo, don’t expect it. While the Blu-ray demo was released over in Japan, along with the Final Fantasy VIII movie  and was a hit, it seems unlikely for that demo to come over to the West.

In a recent interview, Yoshinori Kitase, the Final Fantasy XIII producer, was asked if there will be a Blu-Ray Final Fantasy XIII Demo. He answered that the type of demo released over there will not be released broadly. For the fact that this game is multiplatform and they don’t want to ignore the Xbox 360, and keep the demo on the Playstation 3.

When asked if there would be any demo at all, he answered that he heard that a demo means something that can be downloaded, over here in the West. So they’re going to look into that. I’m pretty sure demo’s are something you can download in Japan too, so I don’t even know why he bothered saying that. But it’s good news, regardless, to know that the Final Fantasy 13 demo may be coming over to the west. It would probably be a pay to download type of thing, over Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

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