EA Sports prediction of Pacquiao vs. Hatton

Hatton K.O'd
Hatton K.O'd

Old news, but still worth looking at. EA Sports made a simulation fight between Hatton and Pacquiao, before the match actually happened in real life. They predicted a K.O by Pacquiao in the 11th round. While that is way off, they had the right winner and it did end by K.O in real life.

It’s pretty cool of EA to hop on an opportunity to show off Fight Night Round 4’s realistic A.I. They actually accurately predicted the unsuccessful attempt by Hatton to aggressively limit Pacquiao’s movement. But that’s about it.

The knockout by was a left hook, instead of a right as simulated in Fight Night Round 4. You can’t get them all right, I guess. But EA Sports is there to deliver the best and pretty accurate boxing game, not something that directly rivals real life. Not like that could be done, anyway.  EA has made accurate predictions before, though, like calling this years Super Bowl quite accurately in Madden NFL 09.

In any event, I’m still excited for Fight Night Round4 and will most likely get it once it comes out.

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