Blizzard working on totally original mmorpg


The next project Blizzard is working on is not a sequel to any of their previous games. It is a completely new mmorpg being made from the ground up.

There was a forum post saying that Blizzard hasn’t been advertising any new online games, so they weren’t making one. Zarhym, a Blizzard poster, let it be known that they are making a completely new franchise from the ground up. They said the game hasn’t been advertised because it isn’t far enough in development yet. They referred it to “a shell of a game”. He explains that it is an overwhelming process to develop new art, gameplay mechanics, and lore for the game. He mentioned that Blizzard already stated this, but this is news to me.

This is Blizzards first new game in a while, it’ll be exciting to see what they manage to do and accomplish with this game.

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