Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Gameplay

Uncharted 2 Scene
Uncharted 2 Scene

Two Uncharted 2:Among Thieves videos have been released recently. One showing off the co-op/multiplayer capabilities and the other was a 5 minute video of Uncharted 2 single player gameplay. Let me just say that this game is nothing short of amazing. The graphics are the best I’ve seen on a console yet they weren’t playing around when they said that they’re using 100% of the Playstation 3. This game looks visibly better then anything else I’ve seen on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 yet, though may some beg to differ.

The cover system looks great and the stealth mechanics also look well made. I like the fact that you’re able to cimb up terrain and buildings, that adds a whole new sense of gameplay to the mix. Especially in Single Player, as you saw the guy hanging on a sign shooting and using it for cover, on the side of a building. Not only does that add fun, but it adds a sense of mystery as to where to find your enemy. You need to watch literally every spot in sight, because you never know where they may be.

The enemies look quite smart, that’s a great thing. Smart A.I makes the game’s single player great, not even to mention it’s multiplayer. The way you can incorporate stealth to take out your enemies is a simple yet fun mechanic that they put in. I hear the enemies detection system is realistic, making it great for you to great for you to get away from your enemies when you’re trying to hide. The cinematic sequences, such as the part where he was running away from the truck, looks amazing. The graphics were top notch. The little animation touches are admirable too, such as when a bullet whizzes close by him, he cringes a little or flinches. Little touches like that makes the game that much more entertaining and interactive.

Now, not only is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves probably gonna be a Single Player Game of The Year contender, but now it’ll definitely be competing for the Multiplayer Game of The Year award. This game is really something that all gamers need to play. I’m most definitely going to be getting a Playstation 3 sometime soon, and I will own that game once it comes out or once I get my Ps3.

[GameTrailers: Multiplayer Gameplay / Single Player Gameplay

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