GamePro’s exclusive look at BioShock 2’s Big Daddy

Big Daddy
Big Daddy

GamePro is giving us our first look at the Prototype Big Daddy, in third person rather then seeing from his eyes as the game is played!

GamePro’s next issue claiming to be “jam packed” with exclusive BioShock 2 content and images. Giving us the first “real” game play and story details.  While also revealing spoiler worthy stuff, such as the “ultimate” plasmid combo, online modes, and “Big Daddy’s Biggest Secret”.

What do you think about the new Big Daddy character design? Some people are complaining that it’s too clean and refined. I actually like it, considering that the character is a Prototype Big Daddy. He should look exceptionally different from the Big Daddy we’re used to seeing.

GamePro also has a small article on BioShock 2’s main villan, which aren’t the  Big Sisters, and the impressions of the Multiplayer modes which were set in a time before the original BioShock.

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