Official PSP Go Images + Specs Released


That’s right, the rumored, PSP Go, is now official. The official design and picture to the left. This is the smaller, redesigned, version of the Playstation Portable, and it’s not looking too bad if I do say so my self. It looks like Sony is going for a small and sleek sort of design this time around.

The Psp Go comes with 16 gb of Flash Memory and bluetooth support. The video rental service via PSN may be extended to the Go. Altough the PSP Go is supposed to be the “New Thing”, the previous PSP 3000 will still be made and sold on the market. It is being released this Fall, and pricing has not yet been announced. It is 43 percent lighter then the PSP 3000 and it has a 3.8 inch screen. Also, if you don’t already know, it has the slideable screen, to reveal the buttons as you see in the image to the left.

This is looking pretty good. Sony apparently doesn’t expect everyone to like the new design, so they’re keeping the old PSP on the market, sounds like a smart decision. Looks like one of Sony’s showstoppers and big E3 announcements has just been leaked. Somebody is getting fired, heh. Lets hope that PS3 slim is real, so we can get a discounted PS3 this year!

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