WiFi Wii Fit Plus and New Mario Game coming in 2009

Wii Fit
Wii Fit

The Nintendo Wii is being graced with the release of a new Wii Fit Plus and the new Mario Game later this year, according to Japan’s Nikkei newspaper.

Wii Fit Plus will come with online functionality and allow you to compete with family and friends over the internet. Possibly sharing your Wii Fit workout data across the internet, and allowing them to try and beat your data. Not only that, but Wii Fit Plus supposedly now has more accurate measurements, which may be coming from the Wii MotionPlus controller.

Japan’s Nikkei also writes that Nintendo is planning on releasing a new Mario game before the end of the year. This may be one of the games that Satoru Iwata, One of the head people at Nintendo, spoke of at last year’s E3 when he said that the Mario and Zelda teams were hard at work on new Wii games. Though, we don’t know if this new Mario game is going to be something comparable to Super Mario Galaxy. This could just be another mini game title or branch of a Mario game. I’m hoping for something a little more action packed though, like the old days.

One thought on “WiFi Wii Fit Plus and New Mario Game coming in 2009

  1. I am looking for a wifi wii fit game, I have a sister that lives in a different state and aould love to be able to workout with her. Is there a game we could purchase to make that possible

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