Fight Night Round 4 – My Take

Fight Night Round 4
Fight Night Round 4

As you know, the game, Fight Night Round 4, was released a while ago. A new addition to the Fight Night series, and a welcome one! EA has been boasting about many new features, such as the improved phsyics, the added styles, and the new countering. The change between Fight Night Round 3 and Fight Night Round 4 is quite big, though. When I first picked this up, it took a sec for me to adjust. But when I landed my first counter, I knew I’d like this game!

Some things are noticeably different, one being definitely the physics and the weaving. Like how you can land a perfect dodge, where the guys hook slips right behind your head, and you catch him with a beautiful uppercut. Some feel that the knockouts are not as epic as Fight Night Round 3.  I feel it is, especially how sometimes the guy bounces off of the ropes after a knockout. Speaking of bouncing off of the rope, if you’re cornered against the rope, you can actually use it to your advantage for avoiding head punches. Or the guy who has you on the ropes can punish you and catch you with a bunch of body shots. The commentary can get a bit…. repetitive, with how the guy calls every match the best match he’s ever seen, but it’s hardly noticeable if you’re really into the game.

I’d recommend playing the game without it’s hud, because it just makes it that much more epic. You can tell, already, when you’re tired from your heavy breathing, slow punches, and your sweat. You can tell how hurt you are by your facial reactions. Taking off the HUD and playing in HD is a true experience. The online play is smooth, but a lot of people like to use Ali or Tyson, heh. Those monsters. The legacy mode is also different, when you start out you’re in a rookie tornament to get your license to box or something. After that, you get to do training sessions which are a bit different than what you’re used to, if you’re coming from Fight Night Round 3. I personally struggle to get good results with the left and right hand power training, but that’s just me.

This has become more of a boxing simulation than ever before, but even though, it’s very enjoyable. If you are looking for a new boxing game, fighting game, or if you want a game to get into, you should really get this game!

Testuya Nomura speaks on Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 2
Kingdom Hearts 2

Three new Kingdom Hearts games are being released, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the DS, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep for the PSP, and Kingdom Hearts: Coded for mobile phones. But these three games aren’t what KH fans were hoping for, they were hoping for a true Kingdom Hearts 3 sequel.

Well, Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts designer, already has ideas for the next installment. But he says that since Birth by Sleep hasn’t even been released yet, he doesn’t feel that he should think about it for a while.

Nomura says that people have recently been asking him about what he’s planning for Kingdom Hearts 3.  He said that even though he’s still working on Final Fantasy XIII Versus, he thinks it’s about time for him to start taking some serious thought towards it.  He also says that it’s possible that the next game in the Kingdom Hearts series won’t be Kingdom Hearts 3. Though, to sort of make things better, he says that the next Kingdom Hearts game will be more official than just a side story, like the games he’s recently been releasing in the series.

I’m personally a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, and I’ve been waiting for this game for years, heh. I’ve been a fan since Kingdom Hearts, that game had an amazing story. I originally underestimated it because it had Disney in it, but it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. People are wondering whether he’ll be going Sony exclusive or going cross console. What ever console he choses, I’ll stick with!

Big Announcement for 1 vs. 100 next week

1 vs. 100
1 vs. 100

Last night on 1 vs. 100, the host, Chris Cashmen, supposedly let some information leak accidentally. One source claims that he said that in a week the game will come out of beta, and players will finally be able to bring home prizes.

Last night, the selected “one”, who played against the 100 mob, decided to choose Money over the Mob at the end of the round. So he won the prize of 1200 Microsoft Points, or he would have if this wasn’t beta, which the host was quick to remind him. After saying that, he also said, according to the source, that prizes can not be won until next week when 1 vs. 100 is out of beta. Then tried to cover his tracks, then saying after that next week will be a “huge announcement” coming for 1 vs. 100. Then tried to change the topic.

the selected ‘one’ who played against the 100 mob made a decision to choose Money over the Mob at an end of round. In doing so he grabbed a prize of 1200 MS Points! – Well indeed he would have if the host had not have reminded us Live On Air that we are in Beta mode so prizes can not be won until next week! Having realised what he just said, the host mumbled his words and continued to speak at a faster pace – then announced again for us to watch out next week when a huge announcement is coming for 1 vs 100, before continuing to babble on about his lack of an original gamertag to move away from the subject!

However, a reader over at Kotaku who also says that they were present during the 1 vs. 100 game in the crowd, says that they heard no such thing. They did hear the “Stay tuned for the huge announcement next week”, but they did not hear that prizes would be able to be won next week. So one way or another, there will be an announcement, whether it’s the game coming out of beta or just a “huge announcement”. Believe what you want, should be exciting none-the-less.

[Xboxic >> 1 vs. 100]

No New Game+ Option in Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Logo
Mass Effect 2 Logo

Mass Effect 2 will not be having a new game plus mode with it. For those of you who don’t know, new game plus is an option in a game that allows you to start the game over while retaining all of your previous abilities, weapons and perks. This was an option that was available in Mass Effect, but will not be available in Mass Effect 2.

The lead designer for Mass Effect, Preston Watamaniuk, has answered many of the questions arising on Bioware’s forums. The reason is not because the feature isn’t wanted, it’s just that having that feature wouldn’t fit into their plans for Mass Effect 3 apparently. More specifically, they said the reason is because they designed the abilities system to allow you to have a smooth progression from Mass Effect 2 into Mass Effect 3. Meaning, the reason is they want smooth progression. He explains that allowing you to have double progression would make it impossible for that to be smooth. They replaced that feature with allowing you to be able to play after you’ve beaten the game.

So that smooth progression means that whatever you do, get, and achieve with your character in Mass Effect 2, will carry on into Mass Effect 3. Some are disappointed with this, and some are thinking that the new game + mode will be added as DLC, however, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Their reasoning pretty much makes it highly unlikely for the mode to come at all. The ability to play after you beat the game will be what you have to settle for, it seems.

British Retailers doubtful of the PSPgo


The PSPgo is a sleek, new, version of the PSP that has just been released. The design has caught many’s eyes, and also turned many off. It has been said to have a pricetag of $249. Two British retailers are debating on whether or not they should put it in stock.

One retailer, says that they don’t see the logic in stocking it. They don’t have a large enough user response. If people already aren’t buying regular PSP’s at it’s cheap price, what would justify them stocking an even more expensive, unhackable, PSP model?

Another retailer said that they only sell about 5 PSP’s a week, across 21 stores. With the increased price, he doubts the PSPgo’s success. The PSP is struggling in their stores already, and it’s games aren’t being bought that often. Yeah, these are small stores, and not the big time stores like GameStop or Toysrus, but it’s interesting none-the-less to hear how the PSP is doing in stores. It actually makes sense that the PSPgo’s sales is gonna be trash. Everyone I know, pretty much, buys their PSP to hack it. PSPgo is going by the digital downloads way of getting games, I believe? So that takes away any chance at hacking it. So I doubt many are going to be flocking to buy this PSP model anyway.