Xbox 360 Getting Twitter and Facebook

Facebook Xbox 360
Facebook Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is now getting Facebook and Twitter, as announced today at E3 2009. Last.FM was also announced along with it.

The Facebook app addition to the Xbox 360 will pretty much have all of the features available that the website itself has. The interface will be adapted towards the New Xbox Experience style, how ever. Avatars are integrated into the News Feeds and profile menus, and you can email, share photos, update your status and more. This is looking like a dream come true for any Facebook user on the Xbox 360.

You now have the option to save screenshots from Xbox 360 games, and upload them using Facebook Connect so you can show off online. EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 will be the first game to support this feature. It isn’t clear whether or not older video game titles will be updated to make use of this feature, though. This is a pretty nifty feature, I am sure that older games would probably offer a downloadable update, so you could upload their photos as well, to show off.

Twitter’s entrance on the Xbox 360, how ever, is a familiar one. As the interface looks a lot like the original web version of Twitter. Which lets the Xbox 360 owners update their status from the dashboard and read tweets.

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