Metal Gear Solid: Rising to be on PS3 as well

Metal Gear Solid Rising
Metal Gear Solid Rising

Metal Gear Solid Rising was recently announced, and on the Xbox 360, but wasn’t called an exclusive. Well, that was with reason, because it’s not. Sony’s head of Playstation 3 marketing confirmed that Metal Gear Solid Rising will not be a Xbox 360 exclusive, or even a timed exclusive.

The head of marketing for the Playstation 3 said that they were expecting the game to be available their customers promptly. When asked if on the same day as the Xbox 360, he simply said “Yes, that is correct.”.

Though it was announced at the Microsoft press conference, it will apparently be a multiplatform. He explains that the differences in focus of their press conference is that they were focusing on exclusive games. When a third party came to their stage, it’s because they wanted to announce something exclusive. So, sony fans, Kojima wasn’t abandoning you guys, he was just announcing it where it was wanted, it seems.

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