July Prone iPhone to include 3D Graphics Chip

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone

Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference, next week, will house the revealing of Apples new iPhone , which will have a built in 3D Graphics Chip and operate on a new and high speed network. It’s supposed to also be getting more Bluetooth support, so it could possibly make use of added peripherals such as a game controller.

The new iPhone and new firmware will be released on July 17th. Apple is also starting to hire in-house game developers. This sort of shows how Apple is starting to take gaming more seriously on the iPhone. The iPhone is quickly becoming a competitive gaming platform. The fact that the 3D Graphics Chip is being built in there is proof of that.

Regardless, the only two games that I’ve liked on the iPhone, so far, have been Crystal Defenders and Tap Tap Revolution. Resident Evil was a bit clunky to me, as well as others. But that is just my taste, I know of others that actually like the games, Resident Evil and Assassin’s Creed. It’s 3D capabilities are impressive, to say the least, and the games are cheap. It could very well be a competitor.

This information comes from Kotaku‘s sources, so as they say, “take this with a grain of salt”.

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