UMD Solution in the works for PSP Go


One of the main problems that potential PSP Go buyers face is the fact that their UMD’s won’t work on the PSP Go, as the games that will be played on the PSP Go will have to be digitally bought and downloaded. So those with an existing library of PSP games are seemingly unable to make the jump, because they won’t be able to play their old games.

However, Sony is working on a solution to this problem. Sony Computer Entertainment is looking into “programs” that will allow them to exchange their UMD game for digital versions. They don’t have a solid plan for it however, and say they will announce it when ready. They’re aiming to have the plan in place before the PSP Go ships, so we should be hearing an announcement any day now.

There are rumors that kiosks would be placed in retail stores that would allow gamers to exchange their UMD’s into digital versions, but they declined to comment on the rumors. This program that they are planning is something that they plan on using long term, for many years to come. So it should be interesting, to say the least. So anyone thinking about getting a PSP Go, you should, since you’ll still be able to play your old games!

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