More on Lionhead’s Project Natal demo Milo

LionHead's Project Milo
LionHead's Project Milo

A lot of questions have been buzzing around about Lionhead’s Project Natal demo, Milo. Mostly with how interactive and creative he can be, and what you cando with him. Some information was recently released about this demo, like how this demo has a life span of about 12 days.

Peter Molyneux says that Milo is usually “scrubbed” after 200 hours. Longest he ever lasted was 300 hours. Peter Molyneux is stressing that Milo isn’t supposed to be living A.I, but is supposed to be a combination of nuanced facial animation and artificial emotion that creates the illusion of life.

The software used is supposed to track and record all of your reactions and your voice to be able to tell things like your mood. It will record your voice and analyze your emotional responses then compare it to your past interactions with it to judge your mood. That is quite clever actually, but seemingly manipulatable. Not that it’s a bad thing though.

Molyneux tossed the idea that the software could actually be used to track your daily Xbox 360 usage to be able to come up with conversations about you and your gaming habits. Or even get updated timely to be able to talk about cultural events such as American Idol. Interactions with Milo will take place in a variety of settings, such as the forest, the kitchen, and other places. Milo is even able to converse with groups of people at a time, having grouped conversations.

But red flag, you are not able to verbally or emotionally abuse Milo. Molyneux says that this game is supposed to be a positive experience to let you know how it feels to be a positive influence. So any attempts at verbal or emotional abuse will not be accepted by Milo, he won’t register it. That must be a big disappointment to many, because I know some people wanted to just buy this game with the sole purpose of verbally abusing and arguing with Milo. Seeing as how that won’t happen, I’m pretty sure that they’re losing some buyers, lol.

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