Left 4 Dead 2 Announcement leaving many discontent

Left4Dead 2 Boycott
Left4Dead 2 Boycott

Left4Dead 2’s announcement at this years E3 has certainly been met with the disappointment of many fans? But the amount is what’s attention grabbing. Over 15,000 players have pledged not to buy the game because they think Valve is just being a money hog.

Starting June 1st, a Steam group called L4D2 Boycott (NO-L4D2) was made, and since then, over 15,000 members have joined, to support the cause. Listing 9 complaints they have on the game.

• Significant content for L4D1 was promised, and never delivered
• Valve put little faith in L4D1 since they almost certainly started working on L4D2 right after release
• The fact that L4D2 is nearly identical to L4D1 will decimate the community for both games
• The announced date is not nearly enough time to polish content or make significant gameplay changes
• The new character designs seem bland and unappealing so far
• L4D2 is too bright to fit in with L4D1’s visual aesthetic
• The fiddle-based horde music is extremely disliked, though the differently orchestrated music is otherwise welcome
• L4D2’s release will result in a drop in quality and frequency for L4D1 content, even compared to before
• The community has lost faith in Valve’s former reputation for commitment to their games post-release

Some of the complaints listed, I think, are nit picking, but some of them have real ground. Basically, they are pretty right, with how this is just a Left4Dead 1 with melee weapons now. Most of the things added could have been added through DLC, there are no significant improvements. I’m curious as to how Valve will respond to this boycott. Maybe they’ll even ignore it. 15,000 is quite a lot, and I think Valve has to come up with some sort of answer, but pushing back the release date and adding more content sounds a bit rash. I’m not sure I can imagine a satisfying answer to this boycott, lol.

[Steam Community L4D2 Boycott]

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