Metroid: Other M to be an amazing experience

Metroid: Other M
Metroid: Other M

Metroid: Other M was certainly a welcome and surprising announcement made by Nintendo. Drifting off from Metroid Prime, which was a first person shooter, this game seems much more action packed.

Yoshio Sakamoto says that their goal for this game is to provide the most interesting game play and provide the most cool Metroid ever. They are trying to attract Metroid fans of all kind. His desire is to top all of the previous metroids.

Sakamoto states that the game takes place in between the time line of the Super Nintendo Super Metroid and the Gameboy Advanced Metroid Fusion. He explained that Metroid Fusion was very story driven and he was able to flesh out the characters and explain them and the people surrounding her. In Super Metroid, he was able to show her “maternal instincts”. They’re hoping to develop her character even more as a soldier, human and woman. Like the past few games, this game will have Samus progressing in her abilities through out the game.You can really notice Samus progressing, clearly, in terms of her abilities as you play through this game. Though how this is done isn’t explained. This game is seemingly geared towards the hard core gamers and is looking to attract new  Metroid fans as well.

Sakamoto said that they will create a new Metroid unlike anything ever experienced before. He also looks forward to working with Team Ninja again after this project is complete. Metroid: Other M is slated for release next year.

It looks like this game is really going to be amazing, judging by the trailer, it’s very action packed. Almost similar to Ninja Gaiden.

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